Beautiful Clock Photo

This idea was inspired by the book Clockwork Heart by Dru Pagliassotti.

To make this photo, I took apart an antique windup wrist watch and placed the internal gear piece inside of a heart locket. The watch piece does work (if you wind it up the gears will move), but it is not physically attached to the locket; more precisely, it is merely resting atop of the locket. I have now reassembled the watch (since I still want to be able to wear it on my wrist), and the locket is once again empty.

The background on which the locket is laying is actually a gift bag. I took the shot from above pointing the lens down. I used two lamps with one positioned really close on the right side, creating the bright spot you can see in the top corner of the image.

The composition isn’t perfect. The watch piece is a bit large and I would have preferred it to fit more neatly into the locket, but I didn’t want to take the gears apart in fear that I wouldn’t be able to put it all back together again. Nonetheless, I’m quite happy with how the overall image turned out.


Clockwork Heart by Gosia

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